Key Themes

As we enter the digital age, ‘smart cities’ provide a glimpse of the future, but a big gap between the hype and the reality remains.

Becoming a smart city is not a goal but a means to an end. The entire point is to respond more effectively and dynamically to the needs and desires of residents. Technology is simply a tool to optimise the infrastructure, resources, and spaces they share.

Few cities want to lag behind, but it is critical not to get caught up in technology for its own sake. Smart cities need to focus on improving outcomes for residents and enlisting their participation in shaping the places they call home.

In order to create smart cities and regions, city leaders must leverage data and technology while also implementing programs that promote civic engagement to help make citizens’ lives better and boost economic development.

This will be the focus for the Cities & Regions 4.0 2019 event – How can technology be used to make a positive impact on people’s everyday lives, jobs, food, safety and mobility.

The 2019 event will be focused on 5 key themes: