• Smarter Cities Solutions
    Smarter Cities Solutions

    What is known today as Smarter City Solutions started out 10 years ago as CellOPark Australia – a provider of smarter parking solutions for councils and universities around Australia. Over the years, we added a range of IoT and RPA solutions (such as vPermit and vCompliance), and we are now a global operator catering for the growing needs of councils and campus-based facility operators around the globe.

    We founded Smarter City Solutions with the vision of making city life easy and seamless for both the residents and those who operate it. We believe that technology should not only solve the problems of today, but also be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why everything we do starts with the customer in mind, is scalable and sustainable in its essence, and is fully integrated every step of the way. It's all about Smarter Parking, Enforcement and Permits for Smarter Cities and Campuses.

    We believe that good ideas should not live in silos. That’s why all of our products and offerings are fully connected to each other and to your own systems, providing you with a truly holistic and scalable approach to managing city life.

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  • Committee for Melbourne
    Supporting partner
    Committee for Melbourne

    Committee for Melbourne is an apolitical, not-for-profit, member-based organisation that brings together over 120 organisations from Greater Melbourne's business, academic and community sectors who have a passion for shaping Melbourne as a leading global city in the world's fastest-growing region, the Asia-Pacific.

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  • Cities Leadership Institute - Australia
    Supporting partner
    Cities Leadership Institute - Australia

    We are an Australian not-for-profit dedicated to building the capacity of urban leaders to make cities, towns and communities great places.

    By joining the Cities Leadership Institute, you become a valuable member of a national community of urban leaders.

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  • Future Cities Catapult
    Supporting partner
    Future Cities Catapult

    We are Future Cities Catapult. Our mission is to advance urban innovation, to grow UK companies, to make cities better.

    We bring together businesses, universities and city leaders so that they can work with each other to solve the problems that cities face.


  • APAC CIOoutlook
    Media partner
    APAC CIOoutlook

    APAC CIOoutlook is a print magazine that aims to provide a platform for CIOs, CTOs and other senior-level IT buyers and decision makers along with CXOs of solution providers to share their experiences, wisdom and advice with enterprise IT community of APAC countries.

    We promote our unique 'learn from our peers approach' in the Asia Pacific region.

    From enterprise applications to the leading trends in big data, mobile computing, security and the Cloud, APAC CIOoutlook delivers practical, actionable information from senior practitioners in the trenches. We leverage our extensive peer-to-peer network, among leading technology executives, to bring their experience and the best practices to other members of the CIO community in Asia Pacific countries.

    We also identify and profile emerging companies by providing cutting-edge solutions to enterprises in APAC. For every technology and every industry vertical, our research team has access to and has deep background research done on hundreds of vendors providing solutions in APAC. Published from the hub of technology, Silicon Valley, USA. APAC CIOoutlook is designed to connect the Enterprise IT community of APAC countries.

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